Point dos de Cheval

After John Cabot’s 1497 voyage (and likely before it) the abundant cod stocks off the Province’s shores became well known and attracted several European nations. For centuries after those European fishing fleets crossed the Atlantic annually to engage in the fishery. French fishers were amongst those international fleets coming to the island from at least […]

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Eskimo Island

The first archaeologist to visit Eskimo Island was the Danish archaeologist Jorgen Meldgaard in 1956 in search of the area the Norse called Vinland. While on the island he found a number of semi-subterranean sod structures and approximately 30 graves, the latter of which had already been looted (Kaplan 1983: 410). In 1963 Helge and […]

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Claims of Indigeneity by non-Indigenous people have increasingly gained attention in recent years as such claimants seek to benefit from rights or access to programs and other opportunities intended for Indigenous people. These claimants have been called out for cultural appropriation by allies of Indigenous groups. For example, Darryl Lereoux, author of Distorted Descent White Claims […]

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