Private Collection Part 2

Two weeks ago I told you about an eclectic Northern Peninsula private collection* that was donated to the Provincial Archaeology Office (PAO). That post focused on the precontact portion of the collection. This post will focus on the post-contact portion of the collection. Some of this collection originated archaeologically, some of the material was given […]

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Empire Energy

Given Newfoundland and Labradors connection to the sea you may be surprised to learn that of the nearly 5000 registered sites in this province, fewer than 100 are shipwrecks.  This small number is likely the result of a number of factors.  Most of the ships connected with our past were wooden and wooden ships generally […]

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Who else was on Saddle Island?

You may have recently seen the news item about the Basque burials at Red Bay Labrador.  These burials were excavated in the 1980s from Saddle Island, the largest of the islands at the mouth of Red Bay Harbour. The burials are part of an extensive industrial whaling complex dating from the 1520s.  This complex was […]

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