Northern Peninsula Heritage Inventory

I recently came across the photos and slides from a survey I led in the summer of 2000 that I thought would be interesting to share. I spent that summer surveying a large area of the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland extending from Crémaillère Harbour in the south to Quirpon Island in the north and as … Continue reading Northern Peninsula Heritage Inventory

Graffiti part two

In May of 2011 I wrote a post about rock inscriptions in two places in the province that are not clearly understood. Since that time I have learned some information about those inscriptions and learned of a new inscription. Most archaeologists would agree that these inscriptions are little more than graffiti. One of the two … Continue reading Graffiti part two


Archaeologists are often presented mysteries or puzzles by the general public.  In fact of the ~5000 known sites in the province, a lot of them were found by members of the general public.  There are usually two types of people who bring puzzles to archaeologists, those who know they've found something but they don't know … Continue reading Graffiti