2016-2017 A Season of Loss

This is my first post in six months. While I have been busy, I have also been putting this off because I didn't know how to start it. On Christmas Day 2016 we lost a colleague and friend, Ken Reynolds. Since then the archaeology community in Newfoundland and Labrador has suffered several losses. Ken began his … Continue reading 2016-2017 A Season of Loss


Canadian Archaeological Association: 47th Annual Meeting

The 47th annual meeting of the Canadian Archaeological Association (CAA) was held in St. John's last week. The CAA was founded in 1968. Membership includes professional, avocational and student archaeologists, as well as individuals of the general public of any country, who are interested in furthering the objectives of the Association. These objectives are: To … Continue reading Canadian Archaeological Association: 47th Annual Meeting

Just another day for archaeology

Recent construction activity in downtown St. John's around Temperance Street has generated a lot of interest in archaeology. There have been at least three stories on various media websites as well as reports on the radio and the local evening news. I suspect this heightened interest is due to the recent demolition of two historic … Continue reading Just another day for archaeology

Guns and gun parts on archaeology sites

On November 6, 2014 Cultural Resource Program Manager, Eva Jensen working in the Great Basin National Park (USA) noticed an object leaning on a Juniper tree. Getting a closer look she discovered that the object was a rifle. Further inspection and research revealed that it was a Winchester Model 1873 Rifle. This story got me thinking … Continue reading Guns and gun parts on archaeology sites

Ilhavo Park: Fort William and the civil fort during the French raid of 1709

The City of St. John's has a long human history and therefore has a long archaeological record dating back to at least the Maritime Archaic period ~3200-~5500 years ago. This antiquity is evidenced by the discovery of a Maritime Archaic biface near the Waterford River in the 19th-century. With this history in mind, when the … Continue reading Ilhavo Park: Fort William and the civil fort during the French raid of 1709

Dr. Priscilla Renouf

Most people reading this post will be aware that Dr. Priscilla Renouf passed away last week. The community of archaeologists who work in Newfoundland and Labrador is very small and when one of our members passes, we all feel it. I had regular dealings with her and I worked for her for one summer. She … Continue reading Dr. Priscilla Renouf