Religion in the Archaeological Record

Religion and its associated rituals is a very personal thing to most people but it is an important thing for archaeologists to understand. Religion guides people and entire cultures through numerous aspects of everyday life from how they handle death to how they relate to the natural world. While being mostly intangible, religion can be … Continue reading Religion in the Archaeological Record


Guns and gun parts on archaeology sites

On November 6, 2014 Cultural Resource Program Manager, Eva Jensen working in the Great Basin National Park (USA) noticed an object leaning on a Juniper tree. Getting a closer look she discovered that the object was a rifle. Further inspection and research revealed that it was a Winchester Model 1873 Rifle. This story got me thinking … Continue reading Guns and gun parts on archaeology sites

The Grade 5 trip to the Colony of Avalon in Ferryland

Many of the larger archaeology sites in the province have, over the years, also become tourist attractions. The Colony of Avalon site in Ferryland is a perfect example of such a site. I recently had the opportunity to tag along with my son's grade 5 class as they toured the Colony of Avalon Interpretation centre … Continue reading The Grade 5 trip to the Colony of Avalon in Ferryland

Archaeology & Tourism

The Provincial Archaeology Office (PAO) is part of the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation (TCR), Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. The PAO is the regulatory agency for all archaeology conducted on provincial land within the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The PAO are responsible for archaeological site management and protection; archaeological permitting; review of … Continue reading Archaeology & Tourism

Music in the ground

I enjoy writing these blog posts, but even writing them every two weeks is becoming difficult. I now find myself searching for topics and looking for inspiration days in advance. The inspiration for this week's post comes from a friend and colleague's blog post from last week. Tim Rast runs a company called Elfshot which … Continue reading Music in the ground

Indiana Jones and the Public Perception of Archaeology

I love the Indiana Jones movies, they are a lot of fun and I really like Harrison Ford as an actor but I have to say, he has ruined the public perception of what archaeology really is about. For example, I do not own a felt Fedora, a bullwhip or a pistol. However, I do … Continue reading Indiana Jones and the Public Perception of Archaeology

Volunteers & Archaeology

Volunteers and archaeology seem to go hand in hand. Many community archaeology programs in the province started with the assistance of local history/archaeology organizations run by volunteers or sometimes archaeology resulted in the formation of a volunteer history/archaeology organization. Back when I was an undergraduate studying archaeology, my first archaeological experience was labeling and mending … Continue reading Volunteers & Archaeology