Don’t forget your shovel: archaeology surveys

Currently, there are about 3500-recorded archaeology sites in Labrador and just over 2000 on the Island, many of which were found during archaeological surveys. Archaeology surveys, in various forms, have been ongoing in the province since the late 19th century, conducted by university professors, museum staff, archaeology consultants, government employees, and graduate students from various […]

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Beothuk sites and Long Island

Last week’s post dealt with the number of contemporary Indigenous sites in Newfoundland and Labrador. After I posted, I had a couple of people ask me about doing a similar post on Beothuk sites. One person asked particularly about Beothuk sites on Long Island, therefore, this post will deal with those topics. Once again, the […]

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Lithic sources

Part of last week’s post was about the stone tools found by Gerald Penney during his survey of the SW coast of the Island that he called the Katalisk survey. I shared the post and received a couple of questions about the material the tools were made from. The questions got me thinking about lithic […]

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